This resource represents a client user in your portal.


This resources uses all common resource properties except items.

givenName string
The client's given name

familyName string
The client's family name

email string
The client's email

companyId string
The ID of the company that this client is assigned to

status string
The status of the client, one of not_invited, invited or active. When a client is created but not invited their status will show as not_invited. When a client has been invited but not yet signed in their status is invited. When a client has signed in their status is active.

customFields map
The client's custom field values.

The key is the id of the custom field property and the value is the client's custom field value.
Learn more about custom fields.

    "id": "a8c2c520-8045-4068-1772-a7c8ca09ee1a",
    "object": "client",
    "created": "2022-02-25T02:19:35Z",
    "givenName": "James",
    "familyName": "Doe",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "companyId": "29a8vja-8d1c-4cde-9a54-92190asd",
    "status": "invited",
    "customFields": {
        "23c99e06-6325-4a7d-96aa-cff376e05d9e": "Example Text",
        "929100ae-6ed3-42a6-27a8-507626f97665": [