This resource represents a file or folder object in your portal. Every file object belongs to a File Channel. This resource does not store the content of a file and only represents the metadata of the file.


This resources uses all common resource properties exceptitems and created. Instead this resource uses createdAt which provides more clarity. The object property has different values for this resource.

object string
The file resource can represent either afile ,link or folder. All object types share several common properties.

createdAt string
The date this item was created in RFC3339 format.

updatedAt string
The date this item was updated in RFC3339 format.

createdBy string
The ID of the user that created this item.

channelId string
The ID of the channel this file is assigned to.

fields map
The metadata properties associated with a file. The metadata values can have different values depending the object property of the resource as explained below.

  • fileKey:
    • For a file object this property represents the remote location where the content of this resource is located.
    • For a folder object this property will be **placeholder**.
    • For a link object this property can be ignored since there is no content to store.
  • fileUrl: When the resource is of typelink, this will be set to the URL of the link.
  • path: The relative location from the channel root for this object. This is a / delimited string where each separated value represents a folder name.
    • When the object is a folder, the last separated value represents the name of the folder. In the example below, the name of the folder is Test Folder and it is inside another folder named Example.
  • starred: A boolean representing whether the resource has been marked as important. This property is only used internally and not modifiable.
  "id": "fbd5a90b-5216-4230-bcd2-0d6a746aeb65",
  "object": "folder",
  "createdBy": "1dbb3e36-af70-4f41-89e6-6ddf9e2c62b5",
  "createdAt": "2022-08-07T15:11:13.549092588Z",
  "updatedAt": "2022-08-07T15:11:13.549092588Z",
  "channelId": "us-east-1_JDwzcwQiA/339b6252-d773-4c58-a5ef-236ac3edc566",
  "fields": {
    "fileKey": "__placeholder__",
    "fileUrl": "",
    "path": "Example/Test Folder",
    "starred": false