March 26, 2024

by Marlon Misra
  • We added a Notifications resource and a notification.created webhook to our API. See our API docs for details about how the notification resource works.
    • The new resource has the following endpoints: List Notifications, Create Notification, Delete Notification, Mark Notification Read, Mark Notification Unread
    • Note that the notification.created webhook and the List Notifications endpoint can be used in any workspace. At this time the other endpoints can only be used by Custom Apps.
  • Some webhooks will now include a previousAttributes map that allows you to see what has changed about a resource. With this release, the client.updated webhook now includes previousAttributes.
  • Fixed several webhook naming inconsistencies.

March 19, 2024

by Marlon Misra
  • Improved our API rate limiting infrastructure to protect against bad actors.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of individual file channels.
  • You can now send an uninvited client an email invite with the Update client endpoint.

March 6, 2024

by Marlon Misra
  • For Files, Forms, and FormResponses we previously nested some properties inside of a fields object. These properties are now present at the root level of the resource. The fields object is still present for backwards compatibility but will be deprecated in the future.
  • Fixed a bug where previously Update Client didn't let you unset custom fields.
  • Fixed a bug with phone number custom fields where incorrect phone number formats were saved. Now you'll receive a descriptive error if the input is malformed.

February 27, 2024

by Marlon Misra
  • Added file.updated and file.deleted webhooks.
  • Added a contract.requested webhook.
  • Added a creationMethod property to the client resource. This property is especially useful if you want to set up different workflows depending on how a client was created. creationMethod method can be internalUserclient, & directSignUp:
    • internalUser indicates that the client was created individually in Copilot by an internal user, created via import by an internal user, or created via API, Zapier, or Make connected with an internal user's API key.
    • client indicated that the client was invited by another client. This is only possible if the ability for clients to invite other clients is enabled in Settings > General.
    • directSignUp indicates that the client signed up directly via the direct sign-up link. This is only available if client direct sign-up is enabled in Settings > General.
  • Query params in API calls are now case-insensitive. This improvement was made for all List endpoints.
  • Implemented e164 validation for phone number custom fields. This makes phone number inputs much more flexible than before.
  • We previously used a createdBy property on many resources. We've replaced it with creatorId which represents the unique identifier of the creator of the resource.
  • Removed portalName for the /me endpoint.

February 4, 2024

by Neil Raina
  • Added a Get Workspaces endpoint. This endpoint is most useful for building dynamic Custom Apps as the endpoint returns properties including brandName, squareIconUrl, colorSidebarBackground, colorSidebarText, colorAccent, and font.
  • Added a Update Company endpoint.
  • Improved the Get Internal Users endpoint which now includes a isClientAccessLimited and companyAccessList property, making it clear what client access internal users have.
  • Improved the Get Files endpoint which is now paginated.
    Removed lastActiveDate property on client resources. Updates to this property previously caused the client.updated webhook to fire too frequently. We're going to bring back activity data in the future with a dedicated activities endpoint.

January 9, 2024

by Neil Raina
  • Updated the name of profile picture property on client objects to avatarImageUrl.
  • After creating a new API key you previously couldn't use it for a few minutes. API keys are now functional immediately.
  • Added a attachementUrls property to the Form Responses resource. This makes it possible to use file attachments in a form response as part of an automation. For example, you can move file attachments to the Files App or back it up in an external service.
  • Added a downloadURL property to the Files resource. Similar to the above enhancement this makes it easier to use file uploads as part of an automation.