February 4, 2024

by Neil Raina
  • Added a Get Workspaces endpoint. This endpoint is most useful for building dynamic Custom Apps as the endpoint returns properties including brandName, squareIconUrl, colorSidebarBackground, colorSidebarText, colorAccent, and font.
  • Added a Update Company endpoint.
  • Improved the Get Internal Users endpoint which now includes a isClientAccessLimited and companyAccessList property, making it clear what client access internal users have.
  • Improved the Get Files endpoint which is now paginated.
    Removed lastActiveDate property on client resources. Updates to this property previously caused the client.updated webhook to fire too frequently. We're going to bring back activity data in the future with a dedicated activities endpoint.

January 9, 2024

by Neil Raina
  • Updated the name of profile picture property on client objects to avatarImageUrl.
  • After creating a new API key you previously couldn't use it for a few minutes. API keys are now functional immediately.
  • Added a attachementUrls property to the Form Responses resource. This makes it possible to use file attachments in a form response as part of an automation. For example, you can move file attachments to the Files App or back it up in an external service.
  • Added a downloadURL property to the Files resource. Similar to the above enhancement this makes it easier to use file uploads as part of an automation.