This resource represents a single connection between a manual-type App Install and a Client, Company, or group of clients. A manual setup app install enables service businesses to share content visible only to the clients, companies, or groups of clients specified in the app connection.

Each manual app connection can be either an embed or a link. Embeds are added into Copilot as iframes, while links direct clients to an external URL. Links are typically used for applications that block iframe embedding.

You can read more about manual setup apps here.


id string
The ID of this app connection.

clientIds array(string)
The clients with whom this app connection is shared (only applicable to connections of group and individual membership types)

companyId string
The company with whom this app connection is shared (only applicable to connections of company membership type)

content string
The content shared with the specified clients. Can be a publicly-accessible URL, or, in the case of embed-type connections, an iframe.

createdAt string
The date this connection was created in RFC3339 format.

membershipType string
The membership type of the app connection (one of: individual, group, company).

object string
The object type of this resource.

type string
The type of app connection (one of: embed, link)

installId string
The (manual-type) App Install this app connection corresponds to.

    "clientIds": null,
    "companyId": "48828ede-1d82-4012-9544-5f1b028f1654",
    "content": "",
    "createdAt": "2024-03-29T16:42:31.267076692Z",
    "id": "498249d7-a26a-40cc-83a8-2fa9c5cbee26",
    "membershipType": "company",
    "object": "appConnection",
    "type": "link",
    "installId": "21e21a4e-6bbb-47d0-a9bd-c4e99a3ca9a2"