This resource represents a message. A message is sent by an Internal User or Client in the Messages App of your portal. Every message is sent inside of a Message Channel. This API resource describes the metadata of the message object.

The Messages App supports basic markdown-style formatting. These are the styles supported, and examples of how to generate those styles via inputs to the API:

StyleInput ExampleRendered Text
BoldHi **there**Hi there
ItalicsHey _friend_Hey friend
StrikethroughHi ~~enemy~~ friendHi enemy friend
NewlineHi\n friendHi
Blockquote> I think therefore I am" I think therefore I am
Ordered List1. Apples \n1. Bananas \n 1. Oranges1. Apples
2. Bananas
3. Oranges
Unordered List* Apples \n* Bananas \n* Oranges • Apples
• Bananas
• Oranges

See the example below for a visual reference.

Note: currently, this API does not support sending or retrieving files attached to messages.


This resources uses all common resource properties.

senderId string
The ID of the user that sent this message.

channelId string

The ID of the channel this message was sent in.

text string
The contents of the message exactly as it was input.

isAttachmentIncluded boolean

Indicates whether the message contains attachments. If a message has a link that is expanded as a preview in the UI, that is also considered an attachment.

  "id": "fbd5a90b-5216-4230-bcd2-0d6a746aeb65",
  "object": "message",
  "senderId": "1dbb3e36-af70-4f41-89e6-6ddf9e2c62b5",
  "createdAt": "2023-08-07T15:11:13.549092588Z",
  "updatedAt": "2023-08-07T15:11:13.549092588Z",
  "channelId": "602f5afd-2a42-47a4-a5e0-c3db0adf966a",
  "isAttachmentIncluded": true,
  "text": "**Urgent**!\n My favorite portal is [Copilot]( \n> Client portals are the way \n\n Because: \n* They are clean \n* They are easy to setup \n* They are a one stop shop"

Rendered message from the example: