This resource represents a relationship between a Client and a Form. A Form Response can either be pending (when you explicitly share a form with a Client for them to complete it), or completed (when a Client submits their response to the Form).

Based on the allowMultipleSubmissions setting on the Form, a Client can respond to the same Form multiple times. In that scenario, there will be multiple Form Response entities for the same Form<>Client pair.


This resource uses all common resource properties.

Note that this entity stores all the Form Questions (as well as the client’s answers, once submitted) in the formFields map, which is keyed by the ID of each question (stored in order in the formFieldIDs array).

For a submitted form response, the details of the form questions (title, description, etc) represent the state of the form when the client submitted the form. If the form questions are updated after the client submitted the form, the content of those questions will be updated in the Forms resource, but not in this Form Response resource.

formId stringThe ID of the associated Form.

clientId string The ID of the Client that submitted the form (or was assigned the form).

fields object

  • formName string Name (Title) of the associated Form
  • formDescription string (optional) Description of the associated Form
  • status string Whether this form response has been submitted. Options are pending, or completed. When a response has been requested it will first show as pending. When a client answers all inputs in the form and submits it, it will update to completed.
  • formFieldIds array(string) - Array of IDs, each corresponding to a field (question or title card) in the form, in the order that they are arranged in the form.
  • formFields map[formFieldId](FormField) Stores the content of each question and the client’s answers.
    • title string The title of the question.
    • description string (optional) The description of the question.
    • type string Describes the type of this question. Options are: shortAnswer, longAnswer, multiSelect, singleSelect, title, fileUpload.
    • multipleChoiceOptions array(string) (optional) All the possible option values the user can select for this question. Only present on singleSelect and multiSelect questions.
    • isRequired boolean Whether the client is required to answer this question.
    • answer string | array(string) The value of the response given by the client, or the selected options if the question is of type multiSelect. For fileUpload questions, the answer value is a path to the file. Downloading files in form responses is not currently possible via the API.
  • submissionDate string (optional) When the form response was submitted.
  • allowMultipleSubmissions boolean Whether clients can submit this form multiple times.
  • visibility string Whether this form is visible to all clients by default, or only clients that the form is directly shared with. Options are: allClients, requestedClients
    "id": "497b203e-2802-4212-947a-2bbc44c5f7d6",
    "object": "formResponse",
    "createdAt": "2023-06-29T15:16:23Z",
    "formId": "a039b228-2745-4a2b-bcf7-aac56d6519bf",
    "clientId": "a076e863-a266-4efb-acea-11455779d466",
    "fields": {
      "formName": "Some Form",
      "formDescription": "Please email us if you have any questions.",
      "status": "completed",
      "formFieldIds": ["id0", "id1", "id2", "id3", "id4", "id5", "id6"],
      "formFields": {
        "id0": {
          "title": "Section One",
          "description": "",
          "type": "title",
          "isRequired": false,
        "id1": {
          "title": "Some Multiple Choice",
          "description": "Choose several!",
          "type": "multiSelect",
          "multipleChoiceOptions": [
          "isRequired": true,
          "answer": ["a", "b"],
        "id2": {
          "title": "Some Single Choice",
          "description": "Choose only one!",
          "type": "singleSelect",
          "multipleChoiceOptions": [
          "isRequired": true,
          "answer": "c"
        "id3": {
          "title": "Section Two",
          "description": "",
          "inputType": "title",
          "required": false,
        "id4": {
          "title": "Short Answer Question",
          "description": "Write an answer",
          "type": "shortAnswer",
          "isRequired": true,
          "answer": "My simple answer",
        "id5": {
          "title": "Long Answer Question",
          "description": "Write an answer in the text area",
          "type": "longAnswer",
          "isRequired": true,
          "answer": "My textarea answer",
        "id6": {
          "title": "Some File",
          "description": "Please upload one or more files here!",
          "type": "file",
          "isRequired": true,
          "answer": "path-to-file.pdf"
      "submissionDate": "2023-03-29T14:15:23Z",
      "formType": "default",
      "allowMultipleSubmissions": false,
      "visibility": "allClients"