This is a sub-resource of Custom Field and represents the options for a multi-select custom field. A multi-select custom field is like a dropdown, where you can define which options are available as possible values for each client for that field.

A multi-select Custom Field will have its type set to multiSelect.

You can tell if a custom field is a multi-select by checking the type property which will be set to multiSelect.

See notes on Create a Client for an example on how to format the keys and values in a customFields object.


name string

Display name for the option.

key string

Unique identifier used by the API to denote this option in READ and UPDATE queries on Clients.

Auto-generated, typically a camelCase version of the name of the field. (e.g. File Sharing → fileSharing).

color string

Color used to display the option (as seen in the dashboard). This is a RGBA color value, e.g. rgba(204, 0, 0, 1).