This is a sub-resource of Custom Field and represents the options for a multi-select custom field. A multi-select custom field acts like a tagging feature where you can define which options are available as possible values for each client for that field.

A multi-select Custom Field will have its type set to multiSelect.

See notes on Create a Client for an example on how to format the keys and values in a customFields object.


id string
The unique identifier for this item.

label string
Display name for the option (tag).

key string
Unique identifier used by the API to denote this option in READ and UPDATE queries on Clients. Auto-generated, typically a camelCase version of the name of the field. (e.g. File Sharing → fileSharing).

color string
Color used to display the option (as seen in the dashboard). This is a RGBA color value, e.g. rgba(204, 0, 0, 1).