This API endpoint creates a client.


Custom Fields

When creating a client with custom field values, the customFields object will have keys that correspond to the key entity of the Custom Field, and values that are either strings, numbers, or arrays of strings (in the case of a multiSelect type custom field). For multiSelect custom fields, the values in the array will correspond to the key entity of the Custom Field Option.

For example, if you have 2 custom fields: one named Services of type multiSelect (with key services), and one named Pronouns of type text (with key pronouns), matching the Custom Field Object example, when creating a client, your request body might include a customFields parameter that looks like this:

  "customFields": {
    "services": ["fileSharing", "metrics"],
    "pronouns": "She/Her/Hers",
    "phoneNumber": "+14441234576"

Custom Fields: Phone Number

When creating a client with a custom field of type phoneNumber, the format needed for a successful update is +{countryCode}{areaCode}{number}

Example: +12123456789

The countryCode and areaCode must be valid to be updated successfully.

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