This resource represents a contract. A contract is created when you make a request for a client to sign a Contract Template.


id string
The unique identifier for this item.

createdAt string
The date this item was created in RFC3339 format.

object string
The object type of this resource.

updatedAt string
The time of the most recent update to the contract.

contractTemplateId string
The id of the parent contract template that the contract was generated from.

recipientId string
The id of the recipient of the contract.

id string
The id of the contract.

name string
The name of the contract. It comes from the contract template.

shareDate string
The date the contract was sent by the recipient.

status string
The current state of the contract. Options are: pending , signed

fileUrl string
A link to the original PDF of the contract.

signedFileUrl string
A link to the signed copy of the contract, complete with signatures from all parties.

fields array(contractField)

  • id string 
    The id of the contract field.
  • type string 
    The type of contract field. Options are: signature , initials, date , text
  • inputType string
    Describes the type of the contract field input. Options are: fixed, autoFill , client, variable
  • isOptional boolean 
    Indicates whether or not the field was required to complete contract signing.
  • page number
    The page number the contract field is on.
  • value string
    The value of the response provided
  • label string
    The name of the input. This will only be present on variable inputs.
    "contractTemplateId": "1b458c73-a354-43b6-8628-a4c3ed8aee18",
    "createdAt": "2023-12-20T19:54:32.044269079Z",
    "fields": [
            "id": "0fda76f5-1bf6-4b22-9261-0a406058a68e",
            "inputType": "client",
            "isOptional": false,
            "label": "signature_1",
            "page": 1,
            "type": "signature",
            "value": "John Client"
            "id": "5192e492-cb38-41a3-9001-21cf9cea853c",
            "inputType": "client",
            "isOptional": false,
            "label": "signature_2",
            "page": 1,
            "type": "signature",
            "value": "John Client"
    "fileUrl": "",
    "id": "5IlqGIdSg",
    "name": "Old signed file",
    "object": "contract",
    "recipientId": "9d69828c-5806-4f5a-b75b-60513d86676b",
    "signedFileUrl": "",
    "shareDate": "2023-12-20T19:54:32.036655259Z",
    "status": "signed"