This resource represents a client user in your workspace.


id string
The unique identifier for this item.

createdAt string
The date this item was created in RFC3339 format.

object string
The object type of this resource.

givenName string
The client's given name (first name).

familyName string
The client's family name (last name).

email string
The client's email.

companyId string
The ID of the company that this client is assigned to. Only appears in workspaces with companies enabled.

Note that all clients have a companyId. If a client is not associated with a "named" company, the companyId returned will represent a "placeholder" company. If the placeholder companyId is used to call Retrieve a Company, the company object will be returned with isPlaceholder = true.

status string
The status of the client, one of notInvitedinvited or active.

notInvitedWhen a client was created but not sent an email invite.
invitedWhen a client was created and sent an email invite.
activeWhen a client has successfully signed in at least once.

inviteUrl string
A link you can send to the client to invite them to your portal.

avatarImageUrl string
A link to the client’s avatar image. If no image is set, this value will be null .

firstLoginDate string
When the client first logged in to the portal. If client has never logged in, this value will be null.

lastLoginDate string
When the client last logged in to the portal. If client has never logged in, this value will be null. Note that this value refers to when a client explicitly went through the login flow and does not refer to the most recent session.

creationMethod string
The client user’s creation method, one of internalUser, client, & directSignUp.

internalUserIndicates that the client was created individually in Copilot by an internal user, created via import by an internal user, or created via API, Zapier, or Make connected with an internal user's API key.
clientIndicates that the client was invited by another client. This is only possible if the ability for clients to invite other clients is enabled in Settings > General.
directSignUpIndicates that the client signed up directly via the direct sign-up link. This is only available if client direct sign-up is enabled in Settings > General

customFields map
The client's custom field values.

The key is the key of the custom field property, and the value is the client's custom field value. Learn more about creating custom fields here.

Note: this will be null if the client has no custom fields set.

    "id": "1fe85b46-6a3d-4dcc-abbc-b76ac720784e",
    "object": "client",
    "createdAt": "2024-02-02T21:30:28.929541031Z",
    "givenName": "John",
    "familyName": "Doe",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "companyId": "bca425ea-daf0-4fb1-add1-c010a95de999",
    "status": "active",
    "inviteUrl": "",
    "avatarImageUrl": "",
    "firstLoginDate": null,
    "lastLoginDate": "2024-02-02T21:30:30.200075382Z",
    "customFields": {
        "phoneNumber": "+18185552345",
        "tags": [
    "creationMethod": "internalUser"