This resource represents a notification that is received by a internal or a client user.

Note that List Notifications is available for all workspaces. Create Notification, Delete Notification, and Mark as Notification as Read/Unread are actions only available for Custom Apps.


id string
The unique identifier for this item.

createdAt string
The date this item was created in RFC3339 format.

object string
The object type of this resource.

senderId string
The id of the entity sending the notification. This can be a internal user / client user or a company. The type of the id is represented by senderType

senderType client / internalUser / company
The type of entity the senderId refers to.

recipientId string
The id of the user receiving the notification. This can be a internal user or a client user.

event string
This represents the event the notification was issued for. Below is the set of events and the possible recipients.

files.createdInternal users
invoice.paidInternal users
formResponse.completedInternal users
contract.signedInternal users
customApp.actionInternal users

appId string (optional)
This is populated when the notification is create via a custom app. This contains the appId of the custom app that was used to create the notification.

resourceId string
Contains the id of the resource associated with the notification. This refers to different entities based on the notification event:

NotificationResource ID

deliveryTargets object
This will have the following keys:

  • inProduct - relevant to the notification delivered in the web app
    title string
    Label used in the notification title in the webapp
    body string
    Used for custom app notifications. This contains the details of the notifications showed in the notifications page
  • email - relevant to the notification delivered via email (if applicable)
    body string
    Body of the email sent
    subject string
    Subject of the email sent
    header string
    Header in the email body sent
    title string
    CTA title shown in the email
  "appId": "5b58089c-1e81-439c-b511-01e3e599c23d",
  "createdAt": "2024-02-22T18:17:01.577287641+05:30",
  "deliveryTargets": {
    "inProduct": {
      "title": "Task was completed",
      "body": "John Doe completed the Upload Logo task.",
      "isRead": false
     "email": {
       "subject": "1 task was completed",
       "header": "A task was completed by John Doe",
       "body": "John Doe completed the Upload Logo task.",
       "title": "View Task"
  "event": "customApp.action",
  "id": "bb9405f0-8644-4bb8-bbc8-84a1a05dcc01",
  "object": "notification",
  "recipientId": "5d686cec-6ef8-4394-a62c-0c2fde950669",
  "resourceId": "3a5981d8-6619-4dc6-b9b9-a791d275bd5c",
  "senderId": "33da2a16-f525-4d4b-99c8-a273f6260f43",
  "senderType": "client"