This resource represents an instance of an app added to a workspace. By calling List App Installs, you can retrieve all apps in a workspace.

Apps in Copilot can be of a few different types:

  • Core apps are the apps that come pre-built into Copilot: Messages, Billing, Files, Contracts, Forms, Help Desk.
  • Marketplace Apps are public apps available to all customers via the Copilot App Store. They are embedded into Copilot but are more sophisticated than Embeds in that they utilize the Copilot API.
  • Custom Apps are private apps installed into a single workspace, that utilize the Copilot API.
  • Embeds are websites that are added into Copilot as iframe embeds that do not use the Copilot API.
  • Links are websites that are added into Copilot, that direct clients to an external URL. Links are typically used for applications that block iframe embedding.
  • Manual setup apps allow Service Businesses to specify different content for different clients. For each specified client, company, or group of clients, the app content can be an embed or a link. Each connection of a manual app install to a client, company, or group of clients is represented by the App Connections resource.


id string
The unique ID of this app install.

appId string
The source app for this app install (relevant only for core/marketplace app installs). You can use this table to identify which app is which (since a Service Business can rename the displayName of the app, e.g. Chat instead of Messages):

App NameApp ID
Messages [core]38323633-6465-6132-3730-383065323230
Billing [core]64346438-6461-6431-6565-366361383434
Files [core]33343966-3136-6166-6561-343739303432
Contracts [core]34633033-3365-6561-6332-386434316430
Forms [core]66666663-3861-6633-3830-323337613065
Helpdesk [core]30643961-3563-3361-3035-396231663435
Client Home [marketplace]a6e3a6f3-2f2a-4c79-b77c-9508da6e80dc
Profile Manager [marketplace]059a15eb-031e-4fd2-b600-1429174b85f2
Message Auto-responder [marketplace]96e9122d-9e84-483f-a79b-4363b8986b17
Message Exporter [marketplace]5b58089c-1e81-439c-b511-01e3e599c23d

displayName string
The label for the app install within the workspace. This is the label that clients and internal users see on the left navbar when they click on the app.

type string
The type of app that has been installed (one of: core, custom, marketplace, embed, link, manual)

object string
The object type for this resource

    "appId": "38323633-6465-6132-3730-383065323230",
    "displayName": "Messages",
    "id": "62346132-6462-3736-3733-366430333631",
    "type": "core",
    "object": "appInstall"
    "appId": "a6e3a6f3-2f2a-4c79-b77c-9508da6e80dc",
    "displayName": "Home",
    "id": "15dadd33-1e63-4e59-9752-d5e916cfae59",
    "type": "marketplace",
    "object": "appInstall"
    "appId": "",
    "displayName": "Schedule with me",
    "id": "45729d42-f825-491e-aec4-a58a5a4f74fe",
    "type": "link",
    "object": "appInstall"