This resource represents a company in your portal.


Some companies are placeholder companies, with the name = "" and isPlaceholder = true. Placeholder companies are automatically created when a client is created without an association to a "named" company.

If a client is created under a named company and later un-assigned from that company, a new placeholder company will be created and the companyId will be a new ID.


This resource uses all common resource properties.

name string
The company's name.

isPlaceholder bool
Designates if the company is a placeholder (see note above). This property is included in the response only if it is set to true.

leadInternalUserId string
The ID of the internal user that is the lead for this company. This user has full access to see all information for clients in this company and can manage which other internal users can access this company.

assigneeInternalUserIds array of strings
List containing IDs of internal users that have access to see all information for clients in this company.

iconImageUrl string
A link to the company's icon image.

fallbackColor string
Background color for company avatar when no icon image is present.