This resource lists the custom fields defined in your portal. Custom Fields are properties on a Client that you can use to store metadata about them (e.g. “Website URL” or “Service Tier”).

The format and data-type of each Custom Field in your portal is stored in this resource, while the values for a custom field are stored directly on the Client resource.

To update the value of a custom field on a Client, you can call Update Client and include customFields in the body. See notes on Create a Client for an example of how to format the customFields object.


type string

The data-type of this Custom Field.

Can be text, multiSelect, email, address, url, number, or phoneNumber

name string

Display name of the field in your dashboard

key string

Unique identifier used by the API to denote this custom field in READ and UPDATE queries on Clients.
key is auto-generated, typically a camelCase version of the name of the custom field. (e.g. Support Email -> supportEmail)


Represents the visual ordering (zero-indexed) of this field amongst all custom fields on the client details page.

options array of custom field options

Only relevant for multiSelect fields - if present, represents the available options in the dropdown for that field.

The structure of custom field options is defined in the Custom Field Options Resource.

  "data": [
      "id": "71cc12f5-32ce-496f-8fa7-51a5f63b38a4",
      "type": "url",
      "name": "Website",
      "key": "website",
      "order": 2
      "id": "71813f92-3c9f-4161-835e-e0b4b9d4d130",
      "type": "email",
      "name": "Support Email",
      "key": "supportEmail",
      "order": 0
      "id": "7b1f2546-e01f-4279-94c0-0323d004dfdd",
      "type": "text",
      "name": "Pronouns",
      "key": "pronouns",
      "order": 1
      "id": "8465086b-29e9-4c0f-ae84-1f9246a2bc01",
      "type": "number",
      "name": "Access Code",
      "key": "accessCode",
      "order": 5
      "id": "7058565d-1753-4ca0-bbf3-3ec95121681b",
      "type": "multiSelect",
      "name": "Services",
      "key": "services",
      "order": 3,
      "options": [
          "id": "option-123456",
          "name": "File Sharing",
          "key": "fileSharing",
          "color": "rgba(144, 149, 157, 1)"
          "id": "option-123457",
          "name": "Messaging",
          "key": "messaging",
          "color": "rgba(0, 0, 0, 1)"
          "id": "option-123458",
          "name": "Metrics",
          "key": "metrics",
          "color": "rgba(150, 75, 0, 1)"
      "id": "f1eaf544-6da4-457b-bea8-3777a2eeefa7",
      "type": "phoneNumber",
      "name": "Phone Number",
      "key": "phoneNumber",
      "order": 4